How Price Labels Can Help Your Retail Business

Price labels are an effective way to display pricing and product details in your store. They’re also an effective tool for drawing in customers and nurturing relationships with them.

One of the primary challenges retailers encounter when using paper tags is human error. Store employees can sometimes make mistakes during the changing out process of paper tags, leading to price discrepancies.


E-labels offer businesses the ability to display regulatory compliance markings for a particular country without creating physical labels. Examples of such labels include telecommunications compliance marks, instructions for medical devices, and cybersecurity labeling requirements.

E-labeling offers numerous advantages to both consumers and regulators alike. Not only does it save costs, paper, and space but it also enhances product safety by allowing updates to be made remotely.

Furthermore, e-labeling helps companies maintain consistency across multiple versions of a single device. Instead of designing, crafting, and etching new labels for every version, businesses can simply update the e-label online.

Countries that currently allow e-labeling should collaborate to develop standards and practices. Doing so helps guarantee that complicated or diverging approaches do not undermine the benefits of e-labeling and create a new obstacle to global trade in ICT products and other items.

E-paper labels

E-paper labels offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional paper label methods. They’re commonly used in retail labels, menu boards, price boards, wayfinding signs, gas station price signs, digital ID tags and transit signage.

Ynvisible offers a comprehensive selection of electronic shelf labels to meet all your retail signage requirements. These smart labels enable customers to quickly identify prices and other pertinent details, ensuring they are charged correctly at checkout.

They’re an invaluable asset for click and collect ordering systems, enabling pickers to quickly locate products on shelves. This saves staff time and boosts productivity levels.barcode labels and ribbons jeddah

Our Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) combine the advantages of paper-like look with electronic paper technology and come in various sizes. They display product and pricing information that can be changed, along with photo stickers and QR codes for added convenience.

Sealed labels

Are you searching for a unique way to identify prices or simply want to add some flair to your existing labels, sealed labels are the ideal solution. These labels can be personalized with additional text or images to stand out from competitors.

Labels come in various sizes and materials to meet your requirements. Choose from standard paper labels, coloured labels or transparent labels.

Sealed labels are an industry standard way to identify products and guarantee they remain secure during delivery. They’re also often employed to safeguard high value items against theft or tampering.

These labels are intended for multiple resealing and can withstand a variety of conditions. They can be applied to film, cardboard, plastic and metal and usually consist of an advanced composite with security perforations.

Electronic shelf labels

Retail stores increasingly employ electronic shelf labels to display product prices. These e-tags connect directly with a retailer’s ERP or POS system, ensuring accurate prices on shelves.

When prices need to be altered, labels can be updated through a centralized system like ECS5. This eliminates the need for paper tags and saves time and labor expenses.

When a promotion or price drop is announced, the label can be instantly updated to reflect it. This eliminates human error and guarantees shoppers are charged accurately at checkout.

E-tags are less expensive than paper labels, as there is no need for ink, printers or maintenance. Furthermore, the battery life of e-tags can last up to five years, providing ample power.

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