Why bird bath heater?

A heated bird bath is an excellent opportunity to attract wild birds—including the non-seed eaters— to your backyard during winter!

Why should bird baths be heated? Maintaining an ice-free bird bath is beneficial for you, your birds, and sometimes even your bird bath itself. This is because there are positive advantages for all of these parties involved.

Why heated bird baths benefit birds

It ensures that your backyard birds have access to a dependable stream of water that is un-frozen, which they may use for drinking and bathing. Although water is essential for all birds throughout the year, winter offers additional obstacles. Check out the article on “Wild Birds, Winter, and Water” to learn why water is so important for the survival of wild birds during the winter months.

Why heating your bird bath this winter benefits you and your family

Attracting birds to your backyard that you will probably never be able to entice with your seed feeders is a wonderful chance for you and your family to take advantage of right now. The presence of a well-known bird bath that is heated and located just outside your window on a chilly and dismal winter day may be a source of happiness for the whole nuclear family. As you watch this movie, you will see how much a variety of birds like the relaxing hot bath.

Steady heat in your ceramic or concrete bird bath over winter protects your investment.

By winterizing your bird bath, you may prevent it from breaking as a result of the expansion and contraction of water that occurs over the winter season as it freezes, thaws, and repeats again. There is a power that is silently destructive, and you may not detect it until it is too late. In light of this, we strongly suggest that you store a cherished bird bath in your garage during the winter months, provided that you do not intend to keep the garage heated.

In a nutshell, the following explain why we need to heat bird baths: When temperatures drop below freezing, heated baths and de-icers are vital tools that will assist you in safeguarding your bird bath, preserving the habitat of your backyard birds, and continuing to provide care for the birds in your area.

How hot does a bird bath need to be?

bird bath heater

There is a little secret that The Backyard Naturalist is going to let you in on…… In this context, we are not discussing the installation of bird jacuzzis. This is quite important: Having water sources that do not freeze over is the most important thing for you, your bird bath, and the birds that live in your backyard. Regardless of the amount of money you have available, there are a number of different ways to guarantee that your bird bath will not include any ice.The Backyard Naturalist is letting you in on a little secret… We’re not talking about installing bird jacuzzis here. This is key: For you, your bird bath and your backyard birds, it’s simply about water sources that do not ice over. And there are several options for insuring your bird bath stays ice-free, no matter what budget you have.

The Backyard Naturalist recommends:

Winterize your bird bath! Add a de-icer.

You already have a bird bath, right? Bring in a de-icer.fissures may be caused by the winter weather patterns of our region, which consist of “freeze and thaw,” and these fissures can eventually lead your bird bath to be destroyed if it is built of concrete or ceramic. If you want to avoid cracking, you should put a de-icer in the top of your bird bath. If you don’t do this, you will have to store it away for the winter in order to safeguard it.

Use a bird bath constructed of strong materials such as granite, plastic, or metal as an alternative. In order to maintain water that is not frozen and is available to the birds, you will still need a de-icer. “Heated Rock De-Icer” is the product that we suggest. Because it is equipped with a thermostat, it turns on when the temperature drops.

Choose an all-season bird bath with an integrated heater!

The installation of a pedestal bird bath that has an integrated self-regulating and thermostatically controlled heater is not only a lovely present for all bird enthusiasts of all ages, but it is also a useful addition to your backyard winter landscape.

In the event that you are confined to your home on a dismal winter day, bring the activity closer to you. We have a number of favorites, some of which include deck-mounted, pole-mounted, and hanging heated bird bath designs that provide versatility in location. Visit our shop, and we will assist you in locating the most suitable alternative for your garden and your financial situation.

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